Difference Between Jamb And School Cut Off Mark 2020/2021

Difference between Jamb And School Cut Off Mark: Is Jamb Cut off mark different from school’s departmental Cut off mark?, State Universities in Nigeria and their Cut off mark?.

In today’s article you and I will be going through diligently, “differences between Jamb and your School of choice cut off mark“… Don’t worry I will make this as fun as possible. lol. Enjoy!

Difference between Jamb And School Cut Off mark
Jamb And School Cut Off Mark

Jamb Cut off mark, School departmental Cut off mark” these two statement are one of the most misunderstood among Jambite, most student “especially students sitting for Jamb for the first time“, don’t really know the difference between these two, but as always, Diligentlearners always have your back.

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In Today’s Episode of my Admission Guide Series, I will take out time to explain the differences and similarity between these two, don’t worry you can thank me later. lol.

Before we get started we must understand the concepts behind these two, that is, what is Jamb Cut off mark and what is School departmental Cut off mark?

What Is Jamb Cut Off Mark?

First of all, Cut off mark as a word means ‘the minimum score (Mark) one is permitted to score before being eligible to participate in a particular program.


Now, relating this to Jamb, we can say that Jamb Cut off mark is the minimum score Jambites are allowed to score in Jamb before allowed to participate in the Post Utme of their School of Choice.

Upon completion of Jamb and release of student’s results, the Joint admission and matriculation board sit for what we call ‘JAMB POLICY MEETING‘. It is as this meeting Jamb Cut off mark for that specified year is decided.

The Cut off mark decided by Jamb and her stake holders are actually dependent on various factors, one prominent factor that determines Jamb Cut of Mark for a particular year is the Performance of student.

If Students perform well then the cut off mark will be high but if student perform poorly then the Cut off mark is bound to be low.

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This Mark is usually in range (i.e Minimum and Maximum Cut off mark). Lets consider this example…

Let’s say Jamb select a Cut off mark range of 120 to 200, each school has the right to select a score within this range, so from this range, the Minimum cut off mark a school is allowed to adopt for Jamb is 120 while 200 is the maximum Cut off mark the school is allowed to use.

Like I said before, these mark is dependent on the performance of Student, and Schools that are highly competitive like ABU, UNIBEN, UI, UNILORIN e.t.c, always use Jamb Maximum cut off mark for screening student while less competitive schools can decide to use 160, 180 or any other score within the range of mark provided by Jamb.

What Is School Cut Off Mark?

Unlike Jamb Cut off mark, School Cut of mark is the minimum mark students are required to score before being considered for admission into University, Polytechnic or College of Education of choice. This mark is also based on the performance of student.

DEPARTMENTAL CUT OFF MARK is the only cut off mark that qualifies you for admission into any tertiary institution in Nigeria.

This mark is calculated with a formula peculiar to the school (Detailed on how to calculate this shortly), which means, the method employed by the University of Benin may be different from that used by University of Ilorin.
This mark is calculated from the Post Utme Score and Jamb Score of Student, Schools that don’t use Conduct Post Utme but screening use O’level result for grading students. This mark more often than not is peculiar to departments, hence, the name School Departmental Cut off mark.
Haven understood the meaning if the two let me now show you the differences

Difference Between Jamb And School Cut Off mark

While Jamb Cut off mark is gotten for the Exam you sat for in Jamb, School departmental Cut of mark is an aggregate of both your Jamb Score and your Post Utme Score
Also, Not meeting the Jamb Cut off mark means you are not qualified to sit for the Post UTME of your school of choice but not meeting your School of choice aggregate score means you are not qualified to be granted admission by that school.

Jamb Cut Off Mark For 2020/2021

The minimum cut off marks suggested by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board – Jamb for admissions into public and private tertiary institutions are listed below…
Public Universities — 160
Private Universities — 140
Public Polytechnics — 120
Private Polytechnics — 110
Colleges of Education — 100
This will be all for now, I understand you may have a question or two to ask, feel free to drop them using the comment box below!

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