Differences Between Jamb CAPs Admission And School Admission

Differences Between Admission on Jamb CAPs And School Admission: Jamb has given me admission but my school of choice has not?, what are the differences between Jamb and School admission?. 

In this article you and I will be going through diligently the major difference between Admission given on Jamb caps or admission from school website, keep reading diligently for details…

Differences between Admission on Jamb Caps and School Admission
Differences between Jamb and School admission
More often than not, Students always find it difficult to differentiate between the admission on their Jamb Caps and that from their school of choice, and that is the essence of today’s write up, So if you find yourself asking  questions like ‘Is admission on Jamb caps different from that on School website‘ then you need to stop asking because diligentlearners gat you covered. LOL, Enjoy!

Differences Between Jamb Caps Admission and School Admission

For those who may not know, there is a slight difference between Jamb and School admission, and these differences are what I will be exploring with you soon, Both Jamb and School Admission are in synchronization with each other, that is to say, One does not happen without the other…

Below you will find the major difference between both Admission, don’t worry, I will make this as fun as possible.

Jamb Admission

As a body, the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (Jamb) has the power to grant students in any of the Universities, Polytechnics or Colleges of education in Nigeria admission.

This admission will be based on whether or not the student meets the admission Cut off mark for his or her school of choice, In fact, the Joint admission and matriculation Board (Jamb) was established for this singular purpose.

Jamb is responsible for over 4% of admission in Nigeria institution and it’s one of the reason while it’s important to check your jamb admission status regularly.

JAMB have the names and scores of all UTME candidates and few who meet the admission requirements will be selected and will be given admission without permission or approval from the Nigeria institution.

The candidate can then visit the institution to claim the admission given by JAMB, Though sometimes these Student are rejected by the Institution.

Upon registration for Jamb, student provide relevant information to Jamb and it is from this data their Admission can be processed.

Since the introduction of JAMB CAPs – Central Admission Processing system, Schools (Universities, Polytechnics & Colleges of Education) are required to submit list of admitted student to JAMB for Upload.

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School Admission

Upon successful completion of all necessary Exam, Your School of choice are meant to collect and submit the names of qualified candidates to jamb by following the admission quota as stated by jamb.

Any school that fails to abide by the rules set by JAMB may find themselves in situation whereby their admission list will be rejected by jamb and a new names will have to be drafted and resubmitted to jamb for final approval.

Jamb then issues admission letter to student which will be used during their University clearance.


JAMB cannot offer any student admission without the school approving it.  The same way, no school can offer any candidate admission unless JAMB confirms and approves that the candidate has met the requirements. Both bodies (School and Jamb) work together to ensure the admission is based on merit and other agreed upon criteria for admission.

Frequently Asked questions (FAQ)

Can I be offered admission on Jamb Without School?

Well, Admission on Jamb is usually based on the list submitted by your school of choice to Jamb portal, so the deal here is, if you are admitted on your Jamb caps then you should find your name in your school of choice admission list in no time.

How long does it take to accept or reject admission on Jamb Caps?

Accepting or rejecting admission is usually within the period of 2-3days, that is why students are expected to always check your Admission status on Jamb daily.

This will be all for now, I understand you may have a question or two to ask, well feel free to drop them using the comment box below! 

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