How To Answer Post UTME and Aptitude Test Questions

Answer Post UTME and Aptitude Test: How many questions are asked in post Utme?, how can I answer aptitude test questions in Post UTME?, what are aptitude questions?.

In this article, I will take out time to carefully explain everything you need to know about Aptitude test questions, keep reading diligently for details…

Aptitude test questions
Aptitude Post utme Practice
After Jamb, the next exam to prepare for is your School of choice Post Utme, though not all schools organize/conduct Post UTME for her student but most does, hence the need for effective preparation if you hope to succeed.
In today’s episode of  my admission I will show you how you can answer aptitude test questions in post Utme without stress.
One thing that makes the Post Unified Tertiary Examination different from Jamb is the uniqueness in the manner questions are asked, some schools like University of Benin, Delta State University always chip in some aptitude test questions, of which I am certain you were not taught in school.

What Is Aptitude Test?

Aptitude tests are used to evaluate the ability of a person to excel in certain tasks without prior knowledge, this test is used by schools or Co-operations to test the IQ (Intelligent Quotient) of their candidates.
This test also helps you improve your thought, processing and memory skills, this test is used by schools in your Post UTME exam to determine your propensity to succeed in a given activity.
Schools can also use aptitude tests to tell if a students is inclined toward advanced placement classes or certain areas of study, like Engineering or Pharmacy.

From my research, Over 95% of students who have written post UTM Exams containing aptitude test questions, just guess their answers in the Aptitude test section, although we can’t blame them for this, but this surely has a negative effect on their overall score.

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In order to elevate you from that difficult position, I have prepared this guide, don’t worry you can thank me later.

Types Of Aptitude Test?

Aptitude test can be subdivided into 5 major categories which include…
  1. Numeric Reasoning
  2. Verbal Reasoning
  3. Inductive Reasoning
  4. Structural Reasoning
  5. Diagrammatic Tests
In your Post UTM Exam, questions will be set randomly from any of the above categories. Inorder not to bore you with details, I have taken out time to sought out some of the most frequently asked aptitude test questions and how you can answer them. Enjoy!

How To Answer Aptitude Test Questions

Answering Aptitude questions in Post UTME can be very tricky, schools tend to focus on all areas of Aptitude test, but this time majorly on Structural, Numeric and Verbal reasoning. I will analyze three (3) major examples of aptitude test questions you will find and how you can answer them.

1. ODD One Out

The “Odd One Out” Questions is one that is constant in Post UTM exam of schools that conduct Post UTME containing aptitude test questions (Mind you, this question is different from the “Odd man out” type of question.
Now, in this type of question, you are presented with four (4) similar options, three (3) of this 4 is closely related while one is different, your ability to identify the odd one among the rest determine if you will answer correctly or not. Let’s look at the example below…
Identify the ODD one in the options below
(a) Yen
(b) Pounds
(c) Naira
(d) Dollar
From the exam above, you will observe closely that all the options are similar, that is, they are all currency used by different countries, yet you were asked to identify the odd one. what you have to do is identify that which is obsolete/different, in this case Naira, Option (c).
You may ask why Naira, reason being that, all other currencies in the options are foreign while Naira is local! hope you get the picture now…
Try these other example
1. Identify the ODD one in the options below
(a) Man
(b) Male
(c) Boy
(d) Girl
2. Identify the ODD one in the options below
(a) Flying
(b) Trekking
(c) Running
(d) Walking
1. Identify the ODD one in the options below
(a) Nabteb
(b) Jamb
(c) Waec
(d) Neco

2. Anagram

This is where you find a lot of students guessing because they don’t understand the concepts of use. An Anagram is a word or phrase formed by rearranging the letters of a different word or phrase, typically using all the original letters exactly once.
Let’s look at the example below…
(a) Heart
(b) Sun
(c) Moon
(d) Star
From the exam above, you will observe that Option b, c and d cannot be an Anagram of Earth, But Earth can be rearranged to Heart, therefore Heart is the correct option.
Try these other example
(a) Tide 
(b) Die
(c) Meal 
(d) Nutrition
So it now make sense. Now try the following taken from DELSU POST UTME
Management Science, ART, and ENG past questions of 2014
1. ANGELS Q Sang R Angles S Lean T Holy
2. MEAT Q Mate’ R Meet S Term T Protein
3. LAMPS Q Palm R Light S Dark T Psalm
4. HORSE Q Shoe R Race S Souse T Shore
5. OWNS’, Q NOWNS R Snow S Possess T Owner
6. RANGE Q Gang’ R Anger S Rang T Near
7. BRAKE Q Break R Rake S Stop T Ache
8. ARTS Q Rat R Subject S Action T Star
9. TABLET Q Ballet R Drug S Battle T Table
10 VEIL Q Cover R View S Live T Vie


This most student are conversant with, Simile is a figure of speech involving the comparison of one thing with another thing of a different kind, used to make a description more emphatic or vivid (e.g. as brave as a lion).
Try Examples below…
1. As clear as __ W White X Crystal Y Glass Z Snow
2. As proud as a __ W Peacock X Pnnce Y King Z Star
3. As devoted as a_ w Mother X Slave Y Guard Z Pastor
This will be all for now, I understand you may have a question or two to ask, feel free to drop them using the comment box below!

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